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Automotive Photography Spotlight: Finley Parker

The Lens Cap is pleased to introduce one of our Spotlight Photographers, Finley Parker of the UK.

Enjoy his interview. Be sure to take the “You Take The Shot” Challenge Finley Parker gives you. Post as #YouTakeTheShot on IG and tag The Lens Cap @lenscapblog.

Automotive Photographer, Finley Parker

What kind of Photography do you do?: I generally shoot automotive photography. One of the most important things I take into account is the composition. I always try to line up my pictures to show off the best details possible in the cars whether that be carbon fiber or intricate cut outs. Where I like to take my process further is via editing. The overall edit may sometimes be very subtle, but there’s generally a lot more to it than meets the eye. I tend to take out reflections where possible, change details on the floor if need be and just generally pick up the images.

How did you come to be a photographer?: Many of my family members are photographers. So I picked it up from an early age. Once I realized how much I was going to car events, I figured I had nothing to lose if I just brought a camera along. After a few months, I began to get some shots that I was happy with and it all escalated from there. I started my Instagram page and am growing my business. My advice is to just get out and shoot, wherever and whenever.

How do you help clients?: It’s fantastic shooting other people’s cars. Usually, I let clients choose a location that’s near them. I will suggest places, but the overall decision is on the client. I try to make my process as quick and as cheap as possible while maintaining the quality of a professional photographer. This helps me out in a way as the client is generally left very happy with the outcome.

Automotive Photography: Pro Tips

What tips do you have for Average Joes?: One of the most important things is to do your research; look at how other professional automotive photographers compose their photos and at what makes that style unique. Once you know some different styles, you can try your own and see what kind of image you like.

Secondly, always be aware of your composition in the image. Do you want to center the vehicle or place it off to the side with more background detail? Or are you going to fill the frame with one specific detail of a car?

Finally, don’t always take the same image. It’s very easy when shooting automotive photography to just take the same front end picture of each vehicle. But this doesn’t help your Instagram or your portfolio. You want to find individual angles of each vehicle, look for where the lines pop the best and really focus in on the highlights.

You Would Not Believe…

Here is one thing to note about being an automotive photographer: If you have the space available, always carry a step ladder. These are great to help you document those luscious car details. There was one particular session when the car I was photographing had so many incredible angles that all I was hoping for the entire time was for someone to bring me a step ladder to get up high and look down over the car. Luckily, we found a location which had a balcony-type area so I could get the photo I wanted.

The Story Behind The Photo

Automotive Photographer
McLaren 570s GT4 Photo Credit: Finley Parker

We ask all our Spotlight photographers to tell us the back story behind one image. Here is the scoop behind getting this shot of a McLaren 570s GT4

This image links back to the step ladder tip above. I didn’t have a stepladder for this specific event, but I did have two of my friends with me who are relatively tall. I wanted to get a shot from high up. After looking around a bit and trying to stretch up my arms for it, I resorted to asking my friends to lift me up so I could get a nicer looking shot. I think it turned out quite well.

You Take The Shot: I challenge you to take the most unique automotive picture you possibly can. It doesn’t have to be a fancy car or edit, as long as it’s unique. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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